November 22, 2017

SCA Board Member Nomination Form

Current SCA Affiliate Member organizations are encouraged to nominate leaders from within their community to serve on the SCA Board. It is recommended that potential nominees be carefully considered and vetted by the organization’s governing body prior to submitting a nomination. This includes discussing the possibility of being nominated with potential nominees and securing their commitment to serve as a fully participating member of the SCA Board if elected.

Nominees should be informed that serving on the SCA Board of Directors is both an honor and a responsibility. To be an effective board member requires a substantial personal commitment of both time and treasure. To help potential nominees understand the commitment level required of SCA board members, the job description of the position can be found here.

Elections to the SCA Board of Directors take place at the Annual Meeting held in the spring of the year. In order for the SCA Governance & Nominating Committee to carefully and thoroughly consider every nominee, nominations must be submitted no later than January 25 in order to be considered for that year’s election.  A maximum of ten people can be elected in every election cycle and there are often more excellent candidates than openings, so no nominee can be guaranteed a position on the board.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this process and for being an SCA Affiliate Member!

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