November 20, 2015

SCA Meetings


SCA Meetings are held every spring and autumn at various locations with large Swedish-American or Swedish-Canadian populations or, occasionally if there is significant reason, in Sweden.

While in the area, the SCA Board of Directors does its best to meet and interact with as many local Swedish groups as possible. This networking is an important part of SCA’s mission of fostering cooperative relationships with like-minded groups and individuals in Swedish America.

Every SCA Affiliate Member organization is encouraged to take advantage of its right to send a non-voting delegate to participate in SCA Meetings. Your organization’s representative will be warmly welcomed!

In addition, as part of its Awards & Recognition Program, SCA bestows SCA Awards and Proclamations during or surrounding these meetings. That is why the awards presented every six months tend to be geographically clumped in the region where the meetings are held.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming SCA Meeting!


2018 Spring Meeting – Sarasota, FL (details pending)

2018 Autumn Meeting – Rock Island, IL (details pending)

Past meetings:

2017 Spring SCA Meeting – Philadelphia – May 4 – 6
2017 Autumn Meeting – Grand Rapids, MI – September 13 – 17
2016 Autumn Meeting – Chicago, IL – Nov. 3 – 5
2016 Spring Meeting – Seattle, WA – April 21 – 23