November 9, 2015

2005 Grant Recipients

American Swedish Historical Society, Philadelphia, PA
Linnaeus Day Symposium

American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis, MN
Dag Hammarskjöld speaker series and Jenny Nyström exhibit

ASI Male Chorus, Minneapolis, MN
Concert tour of Sweden and Norway

Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Exhibition of paintings by Cecilia Edefalk

Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS
Bringing 10 youth artists from Sweden to Hyllningsfest

Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN
Nordic Roots Festival

Emigrantregistret-Kinship Center, Karlstad, Sweden
Funding of study in preparation of a permanent exhibition
highlighting Swedish contacts with America

Friday Fiddle Club, Minneapolis, MN
Travel to the Midsommar Folk Music Camp in Orsa, Sweden, for 10 youth fiddlers

The Institute for Musical Arts, New York, NY
Research in Sweden of traditional folk songs for future concert tour in the United States

Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, WA
“Landscapes from a Swedish Heritage” exhibit of paintings by Niklas Aronsson

Scandinavian Folk Festival, Jamestown, NY
Programming and children’s services for festival

Svenskarnas Dag Girls’ Choir, Minneapolis, MN
Compact disc recording of music sung in Swedish and English

Swedish American Museum Center, Chicago, IL
“Memories” exhibit, featuring the fiber art of Karin Amnå-Lindberg

Swedish Cultural Committee, Omaha, NE
Translation of Lennart Setterdahl interviews