November 4, 2015

2017 SCA Grant Application

Apply today and perhaps this logo will associated with your next project!

Apply today and perhaps this logo will be associated with your next project!


  1. Please read the 2017 SCA Grant Guidelines on the SCA website before starting your application.
  2. Applications must be filed electronically by copying this form to a Word document, completing the application in the Word document and submitting the completed application as Word document attached to an email sent to The subject line should read “2017 SCA Grant Application from (name of your organization). Please do not reformat the document or convert it to a PDF. Hard-copy applications will not be accepted.
  3. Applications must be received by the SCA office no later than 4:00 p.m. CST Monday, February 6, 2016.
  4. Applications must be submitted in English.
  5. Supporting materials (brochures, photographs, etc.) may be attached in digital format to the application email but are not required. Please do not send attachments greater than 1MB. You may consolidate all your documents and attachments into a compressed file (aka ZIP file) and send that, if easier.
  6. Additional inquiries concerning the SCA Grants Program should be directed to SCA’s Executive Director at:  or by calling 612-871-0593.


A. APPLYING ORGANIZATION (group or institution applying for funding):

Organization’s Name:

Mailing Address:

City, State, Postal Code:


Email Address:


Is this a charitable or fraternal organization as defined by the US IRS Code or Canada Revenue? __ Yes   __ No

Is this group or organization a current Affiliate Member of SCA?   __ Yes   __ No     If No, see F. below.
(It is not recommended that an organization join SCA just to apply for a grant. See F below for a better alternative.)

Check the following years in which your organization was an SCA Affiliate Member:

              __ 2016  __   2015  __ 2014     __ 2013     __ 2012     __ 2011


Name of Project:

Brief description of the project, not to exceed 2 or 3 sentences. This description is for the general public and is how SCA will describe the project in its PR. Be sure to include opening dates, etc. Here is a good example:

“The Hagström Sensation is an exhibition that tells the story of how a family of instrument makers from the rural Dalarna region known for their exceptional hand-crafted instruments created an international guitar sensation by establishing Sweden’s largest music company. It will include a variety of rare collector Hagström guitars, complemented by a series of public events and programs. 2 Jun 2015 – 25 Oct 2015″


          $_________       Currency: __ USD or  __ CAD

D. PROJECT DIRECTOR (i.e., person responsible for administering the project):



Street Address:

City, State, Postal Code:


Email Address:


I certify that I am authorized to submit this application by chief executive or governing body of the group or organization requesting funding from SCA, that the information provided in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that if the project receives a grant from SCA, it shall be used for the purposes and within the time-frame stated. I further agree to provide SCA with a report on the success of this project at its conclusion based on the Guidelines for SCA Grant Recipient Reports found on the SCA website. Should the project described in this application not go forward for any reason or not take place in the time-frame indicated in this application, I or the organization I represent will inform SCA as soon as possible and request a variance. Should a variance not be granted, I or the organization I represent will immediately refund the amount of the grant to SCA.

In addition, we agree to appropriately acknowledge the support received from Swedish Council of America in our publications, brochures, website, programs, etc. We understand that SCA will provide us with the appropriate images.

Organization Representative or Project Director:


Your initials on this line constitute a binding signature:


F. ENDORSEMENT (current SCA Affiliate Members may skip this section):

All applications must either come from a current SCA Affiliate Member organization or be endorsed by a current SCA Affiliate Member organization. It is the responsibility of non-member organizations to contact a local SCA Affiliate Member and seek their endorsement and cooperation in presenting this project. For a complete list of current SCA Affiliate Members and their contact information, see the SCA website.

Endorsing SCA Affiliate Member:

Affiliate Member’s Representative:


Email address:

Check the following years in which your organization was an SCA Affiliate Member:

               __ 2016 __   2015  __ 2014     __ 2013     __ 2012     __ 2011

Briefly tell how your organization will help present or promote this project in cooperation with the applicant:


I certify that the chief executive or governing body of the SCA Affiliate Member organization named above has reviewed this application for funding by Swedish Council of America and that I am authorized by that person or body to endorse this application on the SCA Affiliate Member’s behalf.

Your initials constitute a binding signature:


G. NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION (may be up to four pages):

  1. Brief history of the organization requesting funding:
  2. Description of the specific project to be funded by this SCA Grant:
  3. Timeline for this project: (Indicate work already completed, if applicable, and the expected timeline within which the funds requested are needed and/or will be spent, the run dates of the project if it is an exhibit, festival, performance or other event open to the public.):
  4. Estimated impact of this project on the Swedish-American or Swedish-Canadian community and/or other target audience:
  5. Tell how this SCA Grant will be acknowledged as part of this project:
  6. If this project is endorsed by an SCA Affiliate Member, tell how there might be collaboration with that group regarding this project:


(Include a basic estimated income and expense budget for the project. See SCA Grant Report Sample Budget on the SCA website for outline. May be a Word or Excel file attached to the application email.)


(Up to three pieces of digitized supporting materials may be attached to the application email. Images, scans, and PDFs are acceptable but please do not send audio files. Please do not exceed 1 MB.)