November 4, 2015


SCA Grants Make a Difference!

The Enduring Designs of Josef Frank exhibit presented at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis and the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle received support from SCA.

Since 1975, Swedish Council of America has proudly made 368 grants to museums, schools, language camps, art galleries, archives, theaters, libraries, musical groups, lodges, festivals, language camps, genealogical societies and dozens of other organizations, all with an eye to preserving Swedish heritage or promoting Swedish culture to an ever-wider audience. These SCA Grants totaling $956,922 USD went to 169 organizations in 33 states or provinces in the United States, Canada or Sweden.

A complete list of every project supported by SCA Grants in the past decade and a half is available at the bottom of this page. Take a moment to review the variety and breadth of grants made and you surely will be impressed. SCA Grants have truly made a difference all across Swedish America!

SCA will again award $40,000 in grants in the 2017 grant cycle. SCA Grants are made in support of activities that accomplish at least one of the following:

  • Serves to pass Swedish heritage on to future generations in the United States and/or Canada
  • Enhances knowledge of Swedish emigrants/immigrants to North America and of their contributions to American and/or Canadian life
  • Increases knowledge and awareness of Swedish-American culture
  • Promotes contemporary cultural ties between North America and Sweden

If you are a potential grant applicant, the 2017 SCA Grant Cycle is now open. Before you apply, please take a moment to review the 2017 SCA Grant Guidelines and see if you fit our parameters. Then, if  you are interested if applying, please complete the 2017 SCA Grant Application and submit it before 6 February 2017.

If you are a supporter of all things Swedish across North America, you, too, can make a difference! SCA relies on support from the community we serve to make SCA Grants possible. To make a donation in support of SCA Grants and all the other projects of Swedish Council of America, click here to DONATE NOW.

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