October 9, 2017


Swedish Council of America connects organizations and individuals who share an appreciation for Swedish heritage and culture and who want to strengthen ties between North America and Sweden. Click on each category to learn more.

SCA Affiliate Members

These approximately 150 organizations make up the “council” in Swedish Council. Collectively they represent the complete cross-cut of Swedish America.

SCA Meetings

Twice a year, SCA holds a meeting in conjunction with an SCA Affiliate Member’s major fundraiser, anniversary celebration or other milestone event. An SCA Board Meeting is at the core of these weekend events. While everyone is welcome to participate in the all the weekend’s activities, SCA Affiliate Member organizations are highly encouraged to send a representative to the board meeting.

SCA Today

This quarterly newsletter for the friends and supporters of Swedish Council of America contains not only news from and about Swedish America’s community foundation but also news of interest to all members of the Swedish-American community.

SCA connects in Swedish Press

In most issues of Swedish Press, the nation-wide monthly magazine focused on all things Swedish, you will find an article from SCA.