November 4, 2015


scan0022Whether you like paging through a colorful magazine while relaxing in a chair on the patio or you want your news delivered in your email inbox, Swedish Council of America brings you news for and about Swedish-America via the medium of your choice.

Sweden & America Magazine

Every quarter Sweden & America magazine is delivered to thousands of homes and offices on both sides of the Atlantic. Colorful and interesting, it convers current activities and historical events.

Subscribe to Sweden & America Magazine

Annual subscriptions to the English version are only $20/year in the United States; $30/year in Canada.
Want to improve your Swedish? Subscribe to Sverige & Amerika (the Swedish language version of Sweden & America) for only $30/year in the United States; $40/year in Canada.

Sweden & America Magazine back-issues

Many back issues of S&A are available to order @ $7/issue, S&H included; $10 to Canada.


Over the years, SCA has published several books. Most of them are available for purchase.

All prices are USD.