November 4, 2015

SCA Proclamation Nomination Form


  1. Please read about the SCA Proclamation here prior to completing this nomination form.
  2. Nominations must either come from the leadership of a current SCA Affiliate Member organization or from a current member of the SCA Board of Directors or be endorsed by the same. If you are not part of the leadership of a current SCA Affiliate Member organization, it is up to you to contact a current SCA Affiliate Member organization in your area and seek their endorsement.
  3. It is perfectly appropriate to nominate your own organization.
  4.  Nominations should be filed electronically by copying this form to a Word document, completing the application in the Word document and submitting the completed application as an attachment to an email sent to The subject line should read “SCA Proclamation Nomination for (name of nominee)“.
  5. Nominations may be made any time during the year but will be considered for recommendation by the SCA Awards & Recognition Committee at its early spring and early autumn meetings. Therefore, deadlines for consideration in the next cycle are generally February 1 and August 1. Check with the SCA office for specific due-dates this year. Awards are publically bestowed at SCA Meetings held every spring and autumn.
  6. Applications must be submitted in English.
  7. Supporting materials (brochures, photographs, etc.) may be attached in digital format to the application email but are not required. Please do not send attachments greater than 1MB. You may consolidate all your documents and attachments into a compressed file (aka ZIP file) and send that, if easier.
  8. Additional inquiries concerning the SCA Awards & Recognition Program should be directed to SCA’s Executive Director at: or by calling 612-871-0593.



Organization’s Name:

Mailing Address:

City, State, Postal Code:


Email Address:


Is this a charitable or fraternal organization as defined by the US IRS Code or Canada Revenue? ___ Yes  ___ No

Is this group or organization a current SCA Affiliate Member? ___ Yes  ___ No
If No, see C. below.


I certify that I am authorized to submit this nomination by the board of directors, executive committee or other responsible body within the group or organization making this nomination.

Your Name:

Title within the nominating organization:

Your initials on this line constitute a binding signature:


C. ENDORSEMENT (current SCA Affiliate Members may skip this section):

All nominations must either come from a group that is a current SCA Affiliate Member organization, a current member of the SCA Board of Directors or be endorsed by a current SCA Affiliate Member organization. It is the responsibility of non-member organizations to contact a local SCA Affiliate Member and seek their endorsement. For a complete list of current SCA Affiliate Members and their contact information, see the SCA website.

Endorsing SCA Affiliate Member:

Affiliate Member’s Representative:


Email address:

I certify that the leadership of the SCA Affiliate Member organization named above has reviewed this nomination for an SCA Proclamation and I am authorized to endorse this application on the SCA Affiliate Member’s behalf.

Your initials constitute a binding signature:



Name (organization or individual):

Executive Director/Chair/Spouse/Partner:


City, State Postal:



Has this organization or person been informed that s/he/it is being nominated? ___ Yes  ___ No


In your own words, why should this organization or prominent public figure be recognized with a Swedish Council of America Proclamation? Be as specific and concise as you can, giving as much information as appropriate and list the nominee’s milestones, accomplishments and associations. This information will be posted on SCA’s website and used in SCA publications.


(Up to three pieces of digitized supporting materials may be attached to the application email. Images, scans, and PDFs are acceptable but please do not send audio files. Max 100 KB per file.)