May 2, 2017

2017 – SCA Proclamation – Old Swedes Foundation

SCA Board of Directors


Whereas for seventy years the Old Swedes Foundation, Inc. has faithfully carried out is stated mission of providing for the care, maintenance and preservation of Old Swedes Church and Churchyard as a historical monument and point of interest.

Whereas Old Swedes Historic Site, a modern result of this mission, hosts visitors from across the nation and around the world to learn about the site, colonial Swedish history in Delaware.

Whereas Old Swedes Foundation, above all to ensure the preservation of the historic Burial Ground and Church, which next year will celebrate the 320th year of its construction.

Therefore the Board of Directors of the Swedish Council of America unanimously proclaims its sincerest appreciation, truest recognition and djupaste uppskattning to the on the success of this remarkable program.

This fifth day of May, 2017