April 20, 2017

2017 – SCA Proclamation – Kalmar Nyckel Foundation

SCA Board of Directors


Whereas the Kalmar Nyckel  is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its launch into the Christina River in Wilmington, Delaware in 2017.

Whereas the Kalmar Nyckel  a full-scale and faithful reproduction of the original Swedish ship that launched the colony of New Sweden in 1638.

Whereas in her 20 years, Kalmar Nyckel  has sailed over 50,000 nautical miles and hosted more than 250,000 students of all ages aboard her decks..

Therefore the Board of Directors of the Swedish Council of America unanimously proclaims its sincerest appreciation, truest recognition and djupaste uppskattning to the Kalmar Nyckel  on the success of this remarkable program.

This fifth day of May, 2017