April 20, 2017

2017 – SCA Proclamation – Augustana Museum

SCA Board of Directors


Whereas after seven years of work and collecting artifacts, the dedication of the Augustana Museum on June 25, 2016 marks the beginning of a new public era for the work of the Augustana Institute.

Whereas the Augustana Museum is the second Swedish museum on the East Coast and the first to open in the 21st. Century.

Whereas, working in partnership with the Swedish Colonial Society and the Lutheran Theological seminaries in the East, the Augustana Museum shows Swedish history in both the 17th and 19th Centuries.

Therefore the Board of Directors of the Swedish Council of America unanimously proclaims its sincerest appreciation, truest recognition and djupaste uppskattning to the Augustana Museum on the success of this remarkable program.

This fifth day of May, 2017