November 16, 2015

2015 – SCA Proclamation – Augustana Synod

SCA Board of Directors


Whereas the Augustana Synod and its successors have provided caring fellowship, spiritual support and a sense of community to Swedish immigrants and their descendants across North America since 1860.

Whereas the Augustana Synod for decades preserved and promoted Swedish culture, traditions and Lutheran beliefs among Swedes and Swedish-Americans through services, activities and celebrations.

Whereas the Augustana Synod stands among the most historic and most honored Swedish cultural organizations in the United States.

Therefore the Board of Directors of the Swedish Council of America unanimously proclaims its sincerest appreciation, truest recognition and djupaste uppskattning to the Augustana Synod on the one-hundred-fifty-fifth anniversary of its founding as well as to the members of the Augustana Heritage Association, who preserve the history and honor of the Synod.

This twenty-sixth day of April, 2015