November 4, 2015

SCA Proclamations

SCA Proclamation

              SCA Proclamation

At its Autumn 2012 meeting in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the SCA Board of Directors created a new award, the SCA Proclamation, to recognize significant milestones in affiliated organizations’ histories or outstanding achievements made by public figures in Swedish-North America. An SCA Proclamation might be given to recognize an organization’s 50th Anniversary celebration or the opening of a new cultural center or any of a dozen other special dates or events of note at an organization. It could also be given to highlight the achievements of an outstanding elected official or public servant for their service to the Swedish-North American community.

Members of Swedish-North American organizations that are approaching an important historic date or important event are encouraged to contact SCA several months in advance to request such recognition. It is perfectly appropriate for members of the leadership of an organization to nominate their own Swedish-North American group to receive an SCA Proclamation as part of the organization’s celebration.

Nominations are reviewed by the SCA Awards & Recognition Committee which then recommends recipients to the SCA Board of Directors. Most SCA Proclamations are presented at semi-annual SCA Meetings but can also be given at other occasions. Deadlines for consideration in the semi-annual rounds of awards are February 1 and August 1.

Click here to go to the SCA Proclamation Nomination Form.

Here are some past SCA Proclamation recipients and their achievements: