March 14, 2016

2016 GAA – Allan Osberg

The following SCA Great Achievement Award will be presented at the Swedish Club of Seattle, Washington, on Friday, April 22, 2016, as part of the 2016  Spring SCA Meeting. 

Allan F. Osberg

I am pleased to nominate Allan F. Osberg for the Swedish Council of America Great Achievement Award. Allan has been an unparalleled supporter of the Nordic Heritage Museum to preserve and promote Swedish and Nordic culture.

Allan has been on the Board of Trustees at the Nordic Heritage Museum for over 15 years serving as Board President from 2004-2008 and being on the Executive, Finance, and Facility Committees and Capital Campaign Steering Committee. Allan, along with his wife Inger, is a generous supporter of the Museum. The investment of his time, treasures, and talents in support of the museum’s mission –to share Nordic culture with people of all ages and backgrounds by exhibiting art and objects, preserving collections, providing educational and cultural experiences, and serving as a community gathering place has been invaluable. Allan is one of our most dedicated advocates.

The importance of the Nordic Heritage Museum in Allan’s life is evident in the amount of time he spends here. Every exhibition opening, special event, or community program he is present. The Museum is in the midst of raising significant capital for a new facility and Allan has been a leader in donating $6 million of his own assets. He has been a leader in inspiring the community to support the project by creating a $1 million dollar matching challenge that was completed this year. The auditorium in the new building will be dedicated to his Swedish parents, Axel and Hilma Osberg. The new building is important for the Museum to reach a greater audience. Allan believes that the new facility will be a place for future generations to learn about the accomplishments of Swedish and Nordic immigrants in the Pacific Northwest.

Allan has not only had a significant impact with the giving of his time and generosity to the Nordic Heritage Museum, but to other non-profits in the region. His philanthropic interests include the Swedish Club, Woodland Park Zoo, Associated General Contractors of American Education Foundation, and University of Washington. Allan’s leadership and generosity are to be admired and I am honored to nominate him for the SCA Great Achievement Award.

Allan F. Osberg was nominated by SCA Board Member and President of the Nordic Heritage Museum, Eric Nelson, on behalf of the Nordic Heritage Museum.