November 16, 2015

2012 GAA – Eva Eriksson

Eva Eriksson has served as Governor of Värmland since 2004 and been active in politics since the early 1990’s. She has also been Chair of the Swedish American Center board since 2004. In this role, she has made arduous efforts to help the institution obtain suitable premises resulting in increased presentation and possibilities of the institution. Eva also serves as a vice-chair on the Karlstad University Board of Regents.

Prior to her Governor posting, Eva served as Vice Party Chair Folkpartiet 1992-2001 and served in Parliament from 1994 – 1999. Throughout her career, Eva has shown particular interest in matters of social welfare, pharmaceuticals, animal protection and the environment.

Eva has been very active in building contact with Swedish Council of America, ultimately leading to the founding of Svenskamerikanska Rådet (The Swedish American Council), which joins many organizations in Sweden in support of SCA’s work. She is the appointed Chair of this organization and its board.

Eva Eriksson receives the SCA Great Achievement award for her efforts in establishing and furthering the connection between Sweden and North America.