November 4, 2015

SCA Great Achievement Award


The SCA Great Achievement Award is the highest level of recognition granted by SCA and is intended for those individuals who have made outstanding and significant contributions in promoting strong relationships between the USA, Canada and Sweden and/or for a lifetime of dedication to furthering knowledge of Swedish heritage and understanding of Swedish culture in North America.

Recipients of the SCA Great Achievement Award have included authors, university presidents, scholars, community leaders and others. You may read about the achievements of recent recipients by clicking on the links on this page.

The first recipient of the SCA Great Achievement Award was Siri Eliasson. Prior to that SCA bestowed the Great Swedish Heritage Award and America’s Swede of the Year Award – two awards that were merged in 2011.

Nominations for the SCA Great Achievement Award often come from members of the SCA Board of Directors but nominations from others in the community are certainly welcome. Click here for the nomination form.