November 16, 2015

2012 – AoM

SCA 2012 Award of Merit Recipients with SCA Board Member Urban Lundberg

The following SCA Awards of Merit were presented
at the Swedish-American Bridge Conference in Karlstad, Värmland,
on 13 September, 2012.

Jörgen Axelsson, Östmark, Värmland

Jörgen has played an important part in digitizing Swedish emigration related material. Jörgen is together with his wife Monika, one of the founders of the local historical association Emigration & Historia in Östmark, Sweden. The association helps genealogist all over the world to find out more about their family history. Jörgen is an expert genealogist and has solved many difficult problems over the years.

Monika Axelsson, Östmark, Värmland

Monika started working with Swedish and North American connections when contributing to the founding of the Migranternas Hus (The House of Migrants) in Alfta, Sweden. Monika was the director The House of Migrants which was developed into a center for emigration and genealogy research. The center is located in the county of Gävleborg. Monika was also one of the founders, together with her husband Jörgen, of the local historical association Emigration & Historia in Östmark, Sweden.

Bertil Grundström, Tranås, Småland

Bertil has for many years put in huge efforts in creating databases for genealogy and Swedish-American family history. He was early engaged in building an index for the Swedish-American Churches. The index concerns over 600 000 Swedes in North American and is today a valuable resource for research. He also built databases on Swedish-American Society members and Swedish –American Newspapers, all of which are of great value for research on all levels.

Anna-Lena Hultman,  Ulricehamn, Småland

Anna-Lena is one of Sweden’s most known genealogists. She has been active since the 1970’s at the Swedish Emigrant Institute and as a project manager the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societes. She also founded a genealogy research center in Ulricehamn. Anna-Lena is a co-writer of the book “Emigrantforskning” and play a big part in the SwedGen Tours, which tours North America helping Americans to find their Swedish roots.

Ted Rosvall, Falköping, Västra Götaland

Ted has for many years been active within genealogy. He has served as the chairman of the board of the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societes. He was a co-writer together with Anna-Lena Hultman on the book “Emigrantforskning”. Ted has worked very hard to make cultural heritage material available, and has helped many projects forward. Because of his sense to recognize and develop important projects he has become one of the most important actors within Swedish emigration research and genealogy.

Yngve Turesson, Växjö, Småland

Yngve has been working for many at the Swedish Emigrant Institute in Växjö, Sweden as a librarian. Over the years Yngve has become an expert on Swedish-American literature. His work has made this very important cultural heritage well organized and available for the public.

Thomas Wennstam, Karlstad, Värmland

Thomas has played an important role in Swedish and American student exchange. His work as a coordinator for exchange programs at the Karlstad University is very important for student exchange between Sweden and North America. Thomas has especially promoted cooperation with Sweden and Swedish-American universities. During his time at Karlstad University Thomas has helped many students to cross the Atlantic for studies in North America.

The following SCA Awards of Merit were presented
at the Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration of the Swedish American Heritage Society of West Michigan,
in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 5 October, 2012.

Elizabeth Foster

Beth Foster and her husband Ken have been members of SAHS-WM since its start in 1997. She retired a few years ago from Grand Rapids Community College, where she taught biology. Beth and Ken are the parents of three daughters and keep adding to their list of grandchildren. She is of Swedish ancestry and has visited Sweden several times.

Being a fabulous cook and party planner, Beth has kept SAHS/WM members well fed over the years, including the Lucia Breakfast, her wonderful cardamom bread, the Pea Soup & Pancake Dinner, and all the Midsummer buffets laden with meatballs, ham, herring and strawberry cream cake.

In spice of recent health challenges, Beth continues to prepare meals and serve on the Program Committee. She is much appreciated by the society.

Ulla Hjelm

Ulla is a charter member of  SAHS/WM and has thus been involved in all the activities of the organization since the start. She currently serves on the Board as Program Chair, and as a long-time member of the Program Committee, where she has helped organize and implement most of the society’s events. If something needs to be done, Ulla is always there to help. She cooks, bakes, sews, makes crafts, picks flowers for the maypole, fills water balloons and/or leads the book club discussion. SAHS/WM would not be what it is without Ulla’s energetic participation.

Ulla grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm and was educated in Sweden. She came to the US in the 1960s and worked at the main office for the Swedish American Line at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan and later at the Volvo headquarters in New Jersey. She also did the purchasing for several Swedish gift shops. Ulla became a paralegal in the mid-1980s and recently retired from that profession. She travels frequently to Sweden to see friends and family. Her hobbies include cross-country skiing, hiking and dancing.

Klas Hjelm

Klas has is 100% Swedish, born to parents who moved to the United States from Sweden. His whole family maintains close ties to Sweden and they visit relatives in Sweden fairly regularly.

He has served on the SAHS/WM board for several terms and was president from 2003 to 2006. Helping to organize and pitch in to work at events, Klas can always be counted on. Most recently, he and his Twin brother built a new cedar maypole to replace the old one. Klas has grilled many a hotdog and brat at the annual Valborgsmässoafton celebration. His children and wife have participated in the Lucia pageant several times and the whole family seems to enjoy attending and assisting at SAHS/WM events whenever possible.

Mats Hjelm

Like his twin brother, Klas, Mats is deeply involved in his Swedish heritage. Mats succeeded his brother as president of SAHS/WM and currently hold that position. Enthusiastic about all things Swedish and a frequent visitor to Sweden, Mats does a great job running the society. He is always willing to help with tasks big and small, from dragging a big grill behind his car to a park to building a new maypole for the SAHS/WM Midsummer celebration. SAHS/WM is indeed fortunate to have all the Hjelms as such active members.


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