November 16, 2015

2006 – AoM

2006 Award of Merit LA

Los Angeles, CA
January 26, 2006

The first Awards of Merit for 2006 were given to Anita Finkelstein and Kerstin Alm of SWEA (Swedish Women’s Educational Association). The awards were presented at the SWEA Los Angeles annual meeting on January 26, 2006, by Siri Eliason, chair of the SCA Board of Directors. Pictured here are Siri Eliason, Anita Finkelstein, Kerstin Alm and SWEA founder Agneta Nilsson.


2006 Award of Merit Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ
April 22, 2006

The SCA was pleased to recognize two members of Vasa Order of America, Phoenix Lodge 677 with its Award of Merit on April 22 in conjunction with the spring board meeting in Phoenix. Pictured from left to right are SCA chair Siri Eliason, awardees LaVonne Lindall and Ann Johnson, and Urban Lundberg, chair of the SCA Awards and Recognition committee.



2006 Award of Merit San Diego

San Diego, CA
May 13, 2006

On May 13, 2006, in San Diego, three Awards of Merit were presented to members of SWEA (Swedish Women’s Educational Association) at the San Diego chapter’s 25th anniversary dinner. The awards were presented by SWEA founder and SCA board member Agneta Nilsson. Pictured from left to right are awardees Kerstin Bonafede, Anne-Marie Kocherga and Gunnel Schoenherr.



Karlstad, Sweden
September 27 – October 1, 2006
2006 Award of Merit Karlstad

On the occasion of the first Conference of Swedish America held in Sweden, September 27 – October 1, 2006, the Swedish Council of America took the opportunity to present Awards of Merit to seven Swedes who have made considerable contributions in furthering the interests of Swedish America. Their wide-ranging expertise covers the fields of genealogy, Swedish-American church history, emigration history and research, cultural documentation, as well as modern methods of archiving historical information.

Pictured above from left to right are awardees Lars-Göran Johansson, Bo Björklund, Per Clemensson, Lars Dahlgren, Tommy Hellström, Alf Brorson and Elisabeth Thorsell along with Urban Lundberg, Chair of the SCA Awards and Recognition Committee


Awards Of Merit