May 15, 2017

2017-05 SCA Founders Award

Sandra Pfaff and SCA Board Chair, John Hasselberg.

By long practice and precedent, the SCA Great Achievement Award and the SCA Award of Merit have not been conferred on current members of the SCA Board of Directors. Nevertheless, occasionally a director’s efforts in furthering SCA’s mission go so far above and beyond the norm that SCA would like to honor and recognize those efforts in a formal and public way.

In addition, SCA would also like to acknowledge the debt of gratitude all Swedish America owes to SCA’s Founding Members – those leading Swedish American organizations who in 1972 were responsible for giving birth to Swedish Council of America.

SCA thus recently established a new award, the SCA Founders Award, which from time to time SCA may confer upon an exceptional person currently serving as a director or officer of the Swedish Council of America or as a trustee or officer of the Swedish Council of America Foundation. At its 2017 SCA Awards Presentation Banquet at the Union League of Philadelphia, SCA presented this special award for the very first time.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows Sandra Springer Pfaff that when looking for a way to honor her, the Swedish Council of America had to create a new category of award. Sandra is a remarkable person with a lifelong commitment to Swedish America.

Sandra’s involvement with the American Swedish Historical Museum began when she was child and visited the museum with her mother. She even remembers a personal tour with the museum’s founder, Amandus Johnson.

Sandra has helped guide several events and fundraisers for the museum, most notably chairing the 365th anniversary of the Swedish Colonial Society at which time Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden was the honored guest. She has also chaired several Raoul Wallenberg dinners, the opening of the New Sweden Room and most recently co-chaired the museum’s 90th anniversary.

Sandra has also been involved in the Swedish Council of America, Swedish Council of America Foundation, Swedish Colonial Society, Historic Gloria Dei Preservation Corporation and the New Sweden Farmstead. Her leadership in all of the organizations in which she has been involved is characterized by passion, attention to detail, and openness to change.

Sandra has a passion for raising support for the causes near and dear to her heart. She truly enjoys fundraising, dreaming big, and aiming for the stars. She has shared her joy and the skills she has learned in this area with several people she has mentored over the years.

Sandra’s poise, dedication and energy is inspiring to all those around her. She brings a positive energy to anything that she touches.

Swedish Council of America is honored and humbled to have Sandra Pfaff a part of our big Swedish family and we are thrilled to present her with this award!