November 4, 2015


As part of its international Awards & Recognition Program, Swedish Council of America bestows four awards

David Baker, Chair of the SCA Awards & Recognition Committee, preparing to bestow awards in Philadelphia.

– three of which honor outstanding contributions to Swedish-America and the world by famous and not-so-famous individuals and one which recognizes milestones and special achievements by organizations and public figures in our community.

The SCA Great Achievement Award  is the highest level of recognition granted by SCA to individuals and is intended for those leaders – authors, journalists, teachers, academics, statesmen and others – who have made outstanding and significant contributions in promoting strong relationships between the USA, Canada and Sweden and/or for a lifetime of dedication to furthering understanding of Swedish heritage and appreciation of Swedish culture North America.

The SCA Award of Merit goes to individuals who have been nominated by one or more of their local Swedish-American organizations for national recognition for their outstanding contributions and hard work within their local community. Through the Award of Merit, it is SCA’s intent to recognize, publicize, and publicly thank those deserving persons who unselfishly volunteer their time and energies, share their ideas and talents, and lend their hearts and skills to the myriad tasks, both large and small, that are required to keep local Swedish-North American organizations in good health and to create, plan, implement and execute the programs and events which make those organizations successful.

SCA Proclamations are granted by the SCA Board of Directors to recognize significant milestones in affiliated organizations’ histories or outstanding achievements made by public figures in Swedish-North America. Perhaps your group is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary or break ground for a new addition or present its 100th Midsommar Festival. Then you should be nationally recognized with an SCA Proclamation! Members of the governing body of Swedish-American organizations that are approaching an important anniversary or historic date are encouraged to contact SCA several to request such recognition. Don’t be shy – nominate your own group!

SCA Award of Merit

     SCA Award of Merit

By long practice and precedent, the SCA Great Achievement Award and the SCA Award of Merit have not been conferred on current members of the SCA Board of Directors. Nevertheless, there occasionally may be instances where an existing director’s efforts in furthering SCA’s mission go so far above and beyond the norm that SCA would like to honor and recognize those efforts in a formal and public way. Therefore, in 2107, the SCA Board of Directors created the SCA Founders Award.

While current SCA Affiliate Organizations may nominate remarkable volunteers for the SCA Award of Merit of their own organizations for SCA Proclamations, twice a year the SCA Board of Directors meets in areas with significant Swedish-American or Swedish-Canadian populations. SCA Awards are typically bestowed as part of the activities included in these semi-annual SCA Meetings. It is highly recommended that SCA Affiliate Member organizations publically recognize their outstanding volunteers during these celebrations. The deadlines to be included in the Spring  Meeting are generally February 1 and August 1 for the Autumn Meeting. Detailed descriptions and nomination forms can be found by clicking on the names of the awards above.

Prior to 2008, SCA had two different awards; one focused on exemplary Swedish-Americans and one given to Swedes with great influence in America. You can learn about them here.