December 2, 2015

SCA Affiliate Member discount S&A subscription program

For SCA Affiliate Members only!S&A 2011-2 Eng

One of the most popular benefits of being an SCA Associate Member organization is the Sweden & America magazine discount subscription program. Current SCA Affiliate Member organizations have the opportunity to purchase annual subscriptions of four quarterly issues to Sweden & America magazine for just $10.00/year – that’s 50% off the regular subscription price or 1/3 the single copy price! This is a very special opportunity and we encourage your group to take advantage of it.

This $10/year subscription covers about half of what it actually costs SCA to write, produce, print, process and mail the magazine to a subscriber, so SCA is actually substantially subsidizing your subscriptions at this rate. Part of the trade-off for this discounted price is that SCA asks the Affiliate Member to follow a few simple procedures. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

  1. Only current SCA Affiliate Member organizations may partake in this offer. Check the Affiliates List on our website to see if your group is a current SCA Affiliate Member. SCA membership benefits are specific to the local organization and are not distributable, i.e. shareable with affiliated groups, subsidiaries or branches. This offer is not available to individuals.
  2. Regardless of the subscriber’s renewal date, SCA will add four issues to each subscription received. This allows an Affiliate Member organization to process many subscriptions with various renewal dates at one time and ensures that every subscriber gets full value for their subscription.
  3. Sweden & America is published quarterly with issues coming out in March, June, September and December. The deadline for a subscription to receive an upcoming issue is the 25th of the preceding month, i.e. February 25, May 25, August 25 and November 25.
  4. The Affiliate Member organizations should provide a legible list of subscribers along with one check from the organization for $10 per subscription in the USA and $15 per subscription in Canada. Please do not send individual checks from each subscriber.
  5. Early in the year, SCA will provide participating SCA Affiliate Member organizations with a list of people in the SCA database associated the organization. It is recommended to use this list when renewing or adding subscriptions.
  6. Because many subscribers think of their subscription as an annual purchase, SCA highly encourages participating Affiliate Member organizations to solicit and process subscriptions in December, January and February so the subscriber receives four issues in that calendar year.
  7. Affiliate Member organizations can solicit or enroll subscribers in any manner it chooses. Some groups include the price of the subscription in their annual dues. Others sell subscriptions at the $10 rate as an optional benefit of membership in the local organization. Still others sell subscriptions at the regular price of $20 as a fundraiser for the group. SCA has no opinion in this matter.
  8. Single copies and back issues may be ordered at the regular rate of $7/issue.