SCA is the community foundation for Swedish North America

Through Supporting, Connecting and Awarding, SCA promotes Swedishness across generations


Over the past three decades, SCA has provided $1,00,000 in grants for hundreds of projects as they opended the doors of Swedishness within their local community.

Every year, literally thousands of people are reached by exhibits, performances, lectures and events funded in part by SCA.

Perhaps your organization or project would benefit from an SCA Grant. SCA Grant Guidelines and the SCA Application are available on this website. The window for applying for next year’s grants opens in the autumn of the preceding year.



Almost since its inception over 40 years ago, SCA has been offering scholarships to American youth wanting to broaden their educational experience in Sweden and to Swedish students eager to study in the United States.

Our original offering of just two scholarships was expanded in 2014 to four and three more SCA Scholarships are in the works. With community support, there soon will be SCA Scholars in a broad variety of fields studying and learning all across Sweden and America.



SCA Awards honor hard-working individuals and dedicated organizations that have made exceptional contributions to Swedish-American or Swedish-Canadian life.

Some recipients are recognized for their remarkable accomplishments within their local community. Others are individuals who have made significant impact on a national or international basis.

Still others are outstanding organizations reaching important milestones in their achievement record.



Twice a year, and always in conjunction with a local Swedish organization, SCA sponsors a meeting in various locations across Swedish North America.

These three-day special events are focused on the activities and programs of local Swedish organizations and often include attending a group’s annual major fundraiser or anniversary celebration. SCA Meetings are one way we keep you in touch with what it means to be Swedish.

SCA connects Swedish America like no other organization!

Your support is critical as Swedish Council of America supports preservation of Swedish Heritage, promotes understanding of Swedish Culture and builds stronger ties between Sweden, the United States and Canada!

På Svenska

Swedish Council of America är fonden för svensk Nordamerika!
Swedish Council of America framför förståelse av svenskheten i Nordamerika.

Swedish Council of America är en icke vinstdrivande organisation som har som uppgift att stödja samverkan mellan alla föreningar och individer vars mål är att sprida kunskap om, förståelse för och uppskattning av det svenska kulturarvet i det amerikanska vardagslivet samt att stärka samtida kulturella band mellan Nordamerika och Sverige.

Swedish Council of America grundades 1972 för att hjälpa svenskamerikaner och svenskar kan samarbeta på nationell och internationell nivå. Idag har SCA cirka 150 medlemsföreningar över hela USA, i Kanada och i Sverige.

Sedan 2004 har Swedish Council of America också funnits i Sverige, genom sitt samarbete med Sverige Amerika Centret i Karlstad. Swedish Council of America och Sverige Amerika Centret lanserar tillsammans kvartalstidningen Sverige & Amerika.

  • Vi ger ekonomiskt stöd till svenskamerikanska grupper i deras verksamhet att behålla och sprida svenskkultur i nordamerika eller medan de förstarka förbindelser medan USA, Kanada och Sverige.

  • Vi ger ut stipendier till nordamerikanska ungdomar som studerar svenska språket, svensk kultur eller svenska insatser i Sverige och till svenska universitetstudenter som vill förbättra deras förståelse av livet i Nordamerika.

  • Vi erkänner individer som har bidragit till att förbättra den svenskamerikanska gemenskapen och grupper på anmärkningsvärda milstenar i deras historier.

  • Två gånger om året samlar vi likärtad folk tillsammans för att fira allt som är svenskt.

SCA in Action!

Supporting, Connecting, Awarding!


Musical Group
“There were people were dancing in the isles and in the back of the tent. Clearly, the audience enthusiastically responded to their performances. We thank Swedish Council of America for the support we received.”

Karl-Oskar Choir

High School Choir
“The Choir had several public appearances in Duluth, at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, and at a music service in the Church of Sweden in New York City. In addition, the Choir at several occasions”

Sarah Lucht

2014 Seaborg Scholar
“I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude for the opportunity provided to me by the SCA Glenn T. Seaborg Science Scholarship to attend the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS).”

Ronald A. Johnson

SCA Award of Merit
“Ron also helps organize and works tirelessly on the annual Midsommar at Dalesburg Festival. This year is the 146th time Midsommar will be celebrated in Dalesburg. “

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